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A Certain Sound

A Certain Sound

My wife once or several times (LOL) tried to explain to me the concept that when babies cry, each sound of the cry was for different reasons. Now of course I heard what she said  but I was still like “they all still sound the exact same to me.” Women oft times have a natural inclination just to know what the baby need. I remember AJ crying and my wife seemed to know what he wanted by the cry AJ was sounding off. Most times men don’t have a clue to this phenomenon because it’s the women that mostly deal with the child and the parent develops an indescribable bond with the child in the womb. I can remember watching my wife laugh, cry, and argue with AJ in the womb. The conversations would go from the ecstasy of joy to the fight for territory. The relationship became interesting with Amy and AJ while he was still in the womb. So for 9 months Amy developed a remarkable sense of instinctively knowing what AJ needed before he was born. So when AJ was born what was instinct for Amy I now had to learn. The more I held AJ and played with him I began to hear different sounds come out of him. He made strange noises like his starting cries. It didn’t start off a full blown cry but it sounded like ahuh ahuh ahuh LOL. Yeah, I know LOL! It was cute. But there were sounds I heard that wasn’t so cute that threw me for a loop. I quickly began to learn then as I’m still learning now that his cries when listened to carefully are very distinct. I learned from AJ that certain cries is because he’s sleepy, hungry, gassy, bored, want to be held, pain, aggravation, etc… I then began to learn from AJ that certain cries demanded my immediate attention, while others did not. One thing I began to notice about AJ is he began to realize that when he made a certain pitch then that would cause us to come quickly (that’s right he started to play us lol)! Of course a lot of times we’re thinking it’s urgent only to but in the room and he stands there smiling and says HI! SMH LOL

As Aj began to grow when he cried, we moved a little slower in going to his aid unless it was a severe sounding tone (you know your kids lol)! Just as AJ’s sounds signaled the intensity of the circumstances so is our cries in the ears of The Most High. In our infancy it seems everytime we prayed about a thing or cried to God about a thing, He moved. When we cried out with intensity, He sent deliverance like the children of Israel in Exodus 3:9! There was something intense and urgent about the sound that made God move and run to their rescue. What’s amazing about the story is that the children of Israel were in bondage to the Egyptians for over 400 years!!!! It took 400 years for the right sound to be heard by God from them! Wow! Jonah was in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights but he didn’t get deliverance until he did something! He cried out to The Most High! Jonah 2:2 He says He cried from the belly of Hell because of his affliction, and the Lord heard him. There was a situation in Matthew 14:30 where Peter was beginning to do what Jesus did, the unthinkable, walk on water. But something happened… As Peter was walking to Christ, he took his eyes, his focus off Him and gave it to the elements of the storm and began to sink. Peter cried out LORD SAVE ME! And he was saved! Psalms 34:17 “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.” The issue we’re having today is that we are living life but we as the Body of Christ have lost our cry! God oft times sends calamity our way because He wants a pure sound from His people. Sure sometimes we make noises such as complaining, lying, gossiping, tale-bearing, etc… but we don’t see that these sounds and the like have poisoned the true sound we should produce. My question to you my brothers and sisters is what has the sound in your life become? Has it become so full of pride that there’s no room for humility? Has it become so full of selfishness that God himself can’t take up residence in it? Psalms 22:3 “Oh thou that inhabits the praises of Israel.” What has been inhabiting your life due to the sound you have been making? You see oft times because we’re saying the wrong things we have opened doors to the demonic and invited attacks in our life. Some of us have opened doors to the enemy that the true sounds from our spirit have been suffocated and muffled.

And even to those of us that still have our cry and it seems that God has forsaken us and forgotten don’t give up because He might be growing you up! We grow from faith to faith, the just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17) and because of this God delays because He’s developing the faith within you. So don’t always expect God to move in your timing and trust when He says no. The delay is a blessing to the believer because it teaches us to be patient even when we cry in a dark place in our life. The delay teaches that even if He doesn’t move now, God is aware of my cry! Know that the delay oft times is a developmental period to sharpen what God has invested in you. God knows what’s in us but we don’t know! So oft times He’ll take us through to edify us and will delay His arrival in our deliverance until He hears a certain sound! If God hasn’t moved yet it could mean that He’s not hearing the right sound from you! So take a lesson from AJ and be consistent in your cry until your day of deliverance and rest come from the father! Don’t ever lose your cry to our Heavenly Father! If you’ve lost your cry, ask God to restore it because deliverance is in the consistency and the intensity of it! What sound are you making in this season of your life? Is it the the sound God needs to hear for your deliverance?  Luke 18:1-8

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