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Truth News Update

Shalom (peace) mishpacha (family)! This page is created to inform you of news updates as we receive them. We are very humbled that our creator Yahuwah and our master and savior Yahusha have allowed us to be aware for what's coming. We have to prepare our hearts, minds, and spirit to prepare for what's ahead. We're showing videos of doctors, those who've studied about Covid/covid 19 vaccines, and screenshot information, most of which is covered in the game of thrones teaching. Please if you can't explain these things, send people here to see the information. Please take heed and utilize this time to examine where we are in history, then make an intellectual decision to follow Yahuwah. Don't be deceived by fear and what you hear. This virus/pandemic/plandemic is an opportunity to establish a new world order. The powers that be under the guidance of demonic entities are trying to alter and change your DNA but the coronavirus is a chance to initiate fear to do so. Have eyes to see and ears to hear in this season. We will be showing the information presented in our "Game of Thrones series" to expose the plan of the enemy in these last days. Please visit the sabbath teachings series mentioned to hear in depth explanation of these things presented. Shalom to you

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