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Shalom (peace) mishpacha(family)! In our quest to defend and fight to defend truth, Yahuah (The Lord) has given us His dabar (Word) as a weapon against the powers of darkness. Often times as we grow and unlearn a lot of the untruths given to us, it can become very taxing, time consuming, and frustrating concerning the depths of the deception. We want to be of service to you in giving an extended amount of information to assist in destroying lies and misconceptions. Many of you can attest that certain concepts we are approached with are sometimes difficult to combat, explain, and give understanding to. If we're not careful, we ourselves can be pulled back into snares based on misunderstandings concerning scriptures and epistle letters. Because of this phenomenon, we can also be in danger of sound biting scriptures and texts based on a bias we have or not understanding the context of the text. To help eliminate these issues, we use Isaiah 28:10,13 as a basis for study. Line must be upon line and precept must be upon precept, here a little and there a little... 2 Timothy 2:15 is also a basis in which we stand- We study to show ourselves as approved by Yahuah (The Lord), correctly dividing The Word of Truth. We have to be like the noble men of Berea in Acts 17:10, who searched the scriptures daily, to see if what was being taught/declared was true. Now, let's define some words quickly. Erverh is the more ancient way of saying Hebrew in Hebrew, but Ivri is more modern based on the lettering system we go by today, in this Americanized Roman world. The word Apologetics is a greek word(we are not greek but we're using it for colloquial reasons) is a systematic argument in defense of someone or something. The Hebrew word for defense would be ganan, which means to protect, defend, or hedge about. 1 Peter 3:15 says we must be ready to give an answer/defense(APOLOGIA)  to everyone that asks. The only way that happens, is if we properly study the text in context. We through the strength and knowledge of Yahusha (Jesus) have been led to give insights into varying subjects, to bring shalom to your life, and to equip you with enough power to war against false doctrines. We pray this new page helps to permanently damage ignorance, to propel us deeper into The Word of Yah (The Lord).

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