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The Portrait of the Israelites of History: What and how did historians view Israelites?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

When it comes to identity of people, there’s great pride that accompanies the knowledge of knowing who you are. Identity connects you to a particular people, to a particular history, to a particular culture, to particular spiritual beliefs, to a particular way of worship, to a particular Deity/deities, to a particular covenant made with a Deity/deities, to a particular behavior, to a particular migration/travel route, to a particular land, to a particular place of origin, etc…

There’s so much power connected to identity that when one’s identity is taken from them, then their power is taken from them. When their identity is taken, then their history is taken which gives them nothing to connect to. When you begin to look at all of the nations of the world, every single one of them takes pride in their culture, cultural beliefs, and historical practices. Every single nation of the world today has identity today, EXCEPT the so-called African American. Why is this so detrimental? It’s so detrimental/damaging to us as a people because without our historical connection to our ancestry, we have become domesticated kings and queens unaware. With a domesticated mindset, we have excepted any and all belief systems that were either forced upon us or gave us some sense of blackness.

Today, the so-called African Americans have adopted the term “Stay Woke,” because we are now becoming aware that what we were taught about ourselves are lies. But just because you were awakened to the fact that you were lied to, still doesn’t mean you are awakened to the truth of who you are as a people. Daniel 12:2 “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” The Hebrew word for contempt is dera’own (Strong’s H1860) which means to repulse, shame, abhorring, and abomination. So just because we woke up is not enough, but we have to make sure we have awakened to the right thing! Just because you woke up to a certain thing, a certain way, doesn’t make it your reality if it’s untrue. I’m going to show and prove from history, we are not Kemetic (Egyptian), Hamitic, Buddhists, Hindus, etc… but we are Biblical Hebrews-a Shemitic people.

In this dissertation, we will not be going over scripture for identity, that will be in another segment, however we’ve already covered this in our “Bourne Identity” series under Sabbath teachings. In this segment we will be showing from historians (predominantly white historians) that the ancient Israelites were black and still very much black to this day. These posts containing the documents of historians will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt, that those slaves in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the so-called African Americans, and other ethnic groups of the like, are in fact the Israelite diaspora scattered to the 4 corners of the earth as prophesied in the scriptures. It’s not just African Americans who are descended from Israelites (there are many more, but the focus will be on the African Americans and those diaspora in the Caribbean islands), there are many others in different lands/territories, just to be clear.

You’ll soon find that the characters in the very bible you’ve been taught about aren’t the blonde haired blue-eyed white people you were shown. But rather that they were very much black being in which we descend from. This isn’t a knock against white people or to promote some type of hatred. This is to show/prove that what we were taught, believed, and shown from TV and cemetery, I mean seminary schools (Shade thrown LOL), is identity theft and fraudulent crimes to the core. We as Israelite diaspora’s identity and appearance was taken from us, repackaged, de-faced, and then given back to us. In any mystery or solving of a crime, we have to follow the evidence/breadcrumbs given to us. This alone will prove that the people claiming to be “God’s chosen” are not Biblical Israelites but are imposters/liars.

This was why a lot of times in churches we couldn’t really connect with the one’s being preached about. Why? Because we didn’t know that our biblical ancestors were actually our ancestors because of the deformation of information. Some of this information is not just from me alone, but shout outs to my achis (brothers) Morris Williams Jr., Joshua Cullins, and Benayah Israel from Rebirth of a Nation: Hebrew Nation Building, who aided in my growth in the truth of identity. But those of you that know me, I had to validate, and investigate the information. This is why I’m now presenting it to you. So, we’re going to allow you to follow the picture/portrait of the Israelites through the eyes of historians themselves. We’re going to show the actual book pages, book names, and numbers. A lot of these books are easily accessible from and; I didn't put some sources in this blog, maybe eventually I will. For some more rich sources not included in this blog, go watch the teaching entitled "Dont get it twisted, you're enemy number 1."- I pray that you enjoy and grow using the information. *As a disclaimer, just because the sources say Jews, doesn't mean all of the people are from the tribe of Yahudah (Judah). Jew is a blanket term used by historians for the Israelites, but Judah is the most popular out of all 12 tribes of Israel. So when it reads Jew, it could mean not just Yahudah, but any one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Shalom to you

Now pay attention to how this book describes the Jews' features! The features are described as negroid

Notice this book lecture document written in 1882 states the black color is NOT ONLY FOUND IN INDIVIDUALS AS THE BLACK JEWS OF PORTUGAL, but in the Bicharis people by The Red Sea who's HAIR AND CHARACTERISTICS ARE PERFECTLY SEMITIC! So what does the Bicharis people look like that they're perfectly Semitic? (Should be Shemitic because Noah never had a son name Sem)Let's take a look at the Bicharis appearance

Wow! This is amazing! Looking at the Bicharis, they are black people with braided, wooly hair, and described as a PERFECT LOOKING SEMITE (SHEMITE)

The book states that the African slaves whom they called black Jews were sent in a slave trade to Angola, the Congo, and the island of St. Thomas, right off the west coast of Africa. Pay attention to the description, all of them are described as negro and the most desired by other nations. This is actually the start of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

St. Thomas is also called Sao Tome

Now pay attention to the place marked Soudan. This Soudan isn't to be confused with the country Sudan. Soudan was a territory that stretched from the West coast to Central Africa

Forgive me, it's a little blurry, but it states that the Arabic equivalent to Soudan is Bilad al Sudan which means land of the blacks

Soudan is a 2 part Hebrew Word! So (Strong's H5471)-foreigner/of foreign origin, to conceal; Yudan (Strong's H3063)-Judah/The Southern House. Soudan in Hebrew means Foreigners of Judah or the concealment/hiding of Judah which explains the camouflage/blending of Judah with Hamites

The book states that the Portuguese Jews are all black, who only marry among themselves (which is commanded in Torah), and producing other swarthy children as themselves

Children of the black Jews of Spain and Portugal were forced to be baptized and convert to Roman religion, which is Christianity

This book states that the Jews in the streets of London have an African look of excellence and can never be mistaken, and you can see this from the description, which black people have