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                                           Truth Film Documentaries (Docu-series)

Shalom (peace) and todah (thank you) for tuning in to our Documentary page. This page is going to present different documentaries/films/lectures to help sharpen and awaken your mental and spiritual state in Yahuah (Lord), to add more informational power to your arsenal. These documentaries, films, and lectures will be educational, informational, revelatory, and a major shake in your belief system as we seek righteous knowledge. Some of which are featuring our covenant family Rebirth of a Nation, Dr. Joy Leary, and 3 lectures from the late Benjamin Freedman who was an Ashkenazi Jew. Benjamin Freedman exposes the Jewish people as Khazars and exposes their involvement in the banking system, World War 1, and World War 2 (he was their accountant). Khazars are a Turkish Mongolian people that made their abode in the Caucus Mountain, and it's proven that the Jewish people are descended from Khazars. I pray you receive and enjoy the information presented. May Yahuah (The Lord) bless you in the name of Yahusha Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) as you increase in knowledge.

*As a disclaimer, the information shown is for educational purposes only. Not to promote or encourage hate or racism, but only to inform of truth due to research.

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