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-Taught by our very own
Ach Shaal


Here at Empowered by Truth Ministries, we are dedicated to the growth/learning of our people Yisrael, and to the strangers that connects with Yahuah's chosen. This page is entitled "Biblical Walkthrough," which is a simple walkthrough of the scriptures. There is power in simplicity, but at the same time a greater understanding of the depths of The word of Yah. We find it interesting and amazing that many of our people (both asleep and awakened to the truth), still have never known what the Word actually says. Due to this observation, one of our very own Ach Shaal, has accepted the task of this burden to give understanding  to those that desire it.  Yahuah has gifted him with the ability to use the simplicity of the Word to give a greater insight, connecting points that are often overlooked and underlooked. During this walkthrough, understanding of the "Renewed Covenant" will be given, and it's going to be shown that the Torah/Law is not done away with. He often says, "this is not the ESPN version teaching, but we're going to read the whole text.(LOL)" We are Students of the Word and we have to remember to remain teachable. Many ask us the question, what's my purpose? Our response is, "what's your burden? Find your burden and you'll find your purpose for that season."  We were all created to solve a problem. Find the problem that Yahuah created you to solve and shine Yisrael like the light Yah created us to be.

"Accusation without investigation, is the greatest form of ignorance."

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